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CBD Pets - a Purephyto first is unlike any other CBD Pet supplement on the market, we’ve done extensive research into CBD carriers that are not only beneficial to our four legged friends but taste amazing too! We have worked tirelessly with dog & cat owners over the past 6 months to formulate a perfect CBD pet product and have found the perfect carrier - pure salmon oil! You can expect your companion to benefit from a finer coat, healthier skin and well protected joints. CBD Pets is suitable for dogs and cats however a quick google search on our ingredients will better inform you if other animals may benefit from this amazing oil. Our 250ml bottle contains approximately 250mg of CBD, each pump dispenses approximately 0.67ml/0.67mg and a single bottle will give you around 375 pumps. For a small dog or cat, CBD Pets taken once a day will last you a year!

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